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May 23, 2016
How does TripTagger work?
May 23, 2016



We at TripTagger initiated what we call “TripTag” in the Internet and through the world story-series to share some of the interesting finds on the WWW with you. Sharing is caring as the famous saying goes which is also part of our philosophy. Additionally this gives us the opportunity to emphasize the entertaining value our app provides to you on your iOS or Android powered mobile device. We are not just about tax saving – you can share your trips with your friends in an instant by sending them a map of your route taken.

What does George Boole, the British mathematician and Triptagger have in common. In direct connection nothing, in a wider context basically all or at least a lot! George Boole has been dubbed – for a good reason – “the father of the digital age”. He published his seminal work on Boolean logic in 1854. In a simple way this boils down to “zeros” and “ones” in computer science.

Boolean algebra reduces mathematical variables to either yes or no, true or false, on or off, or 0 or 1. The Google Doodle screen-grab above depicts “logic gates” which implement Boolean functions in computing.Boolean algebra is an integral data type in computer programming languages, such as Pascal and Java, and is also part of JavaScript, which along with HTML and CSS is essential to the web, Objective-C, a primary programming language for apps Here we got our connection with George Boole!

When you are shopping online, browsing social media or using some high-end software like #TripTagger on a mobile device, you will rub shoulders with Boolean logic – probably, daily!

We encourage you to find out how we at used George Boole’s heritage to create this innovative App you can download at Google Play or App Store and start reducing your overhead expense by keeping track of your driven routes with the effortless creation of mileage logs you can present your accountant for tax deduction.

Or save and share the new route you discovered with your friends instantly by sending them the adventures you are enjoying.